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Austrian Airlines’ long-haul premium economy launching in March

Austrian Airlines’ previously announced premium economy on its long-haul flights has been given a launch date, with the class due to be available on flights from March 6 next year.

Tickets can now be booked for premium economy on all of Austrian Airlines’ long-haul flights. The carrier is set to refit all 11 of its current long-haul aircraft, while its 12th, which it will be getting next spring, will also be outfitted with the class. The first B767 that will feature the class began its refitting process yesterday.

“The new premium economy class is an important milestone in our strategy aimed at linking the issue of individualisation with quality,” said Andreas Otto, the airline’s COO. “The customer can individually choose the travel class according to her or his needs, whether the preference is to fly in a price-conscious manner in economy class, treat oneself to a little more service and comfort in premium economy or luxury travel in business class.”

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