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Singapore Airlines is now offering complimentary wifi for premium passengers

Singapore Airlines has begun offering complimentary in-flight wifi to premium travellers as well as PPS Club members when flying on-board select aircraft.

Under the airline’s new policy, Suites, first and business class passengers as well as PPS Club members can now get one free wifi session per sector when travelling on board the carrier’s Airbus A350, A380 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. Travellers can connect to the wifi via the “Complimentary Access” section of the onboard portal when connecting to the network.

However, these sessions are not unlimited when it comes to the amount of data available. While Suites and first class passengers get 100MB of complimentary wifi (also available to PPS Supplementary cardholders), business class passengers and PPS Club members get just 30MB. As a rough guide, 10MB of wifi data will likely get you through about 30 minutes of general web browsing and email.

The change is good news for regular passengers on the Singaporean carrier, whose wifi plans are typically more expensive than comparable offerings from other Asia-Pacific airlines.

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