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Why Choose Horncastle

Faced with the number of Travel Management Companies there are and the prospect of having to choose the one that is right for your Company, may be daunting and difficult. You may even question the need for a professional travel services provider at all. Here at Horncastle, we go to great lengths to demonstrate to our customers the benefits to be gained from using our services.

At Horncastle Travel, we believe our customers, the vast majority of which have been with us for years, can firmly validate our experience and ability. They are themselves a true testimony of the advantages and benefits that Horncastle can offer.

We are extremely proud of our client retention record.

Consider these facts –

Decades of Experience
We only employ the very best staff, putting them first through a rigorous training schedule that enables them to deal with the diverse choices of travel, professionally and economically. Between them, they have decades of experience and vast travel knowledge and when combined with advanced technology at their fingertips, customer expectations are always exceeded. From your initial enquiry with us to your final destination, whether a simple point to point domestic or a complex international itinerary, in any mode of travel, you will be in the hands of specialists.

Experts in the Travel Industry
Our Consultants will focus on your requirements and gain a comprehensive knowledge of your travel needs, resulting in cost effective solutions for you and ultimate control of your travel expenditure. They will research the best fare for you and provide up to three alternative fares and/or routes for your journey, where available. They are as comfortable dealing with the single, solitary traveller as they are in transporting any number of passengers from multiple locations to a single destination, across a number of time zones. This is where our Consultants excel.

Here for you 24/7
Horncastle Consultants are on hand to take your call at any time of the day or night, every day of the year from wherever you are in the world. As we all know, travel is not always trouble free but you can travel with the knowledge that you are a phone call away from assistance – from the simple re- booking of a cancelled flight to arranging an emergency repatriation, with every possibility in between. Horncastle can assist, professionally and efficiently.

Complete Travel Solutions
As we have a direct relationship with airlines and suppliers, we can negotiate, on your behalf, route deals for high volume journeys, yielding immediate economic advantages.

Horncastle is fully bonded and licensed by all appropriate regulatory authorities. This assures and guarantees your protection.

We can provide you with Management Information data, invaluable for expenditure control, as well as CO2 emissions information, outlining savings achieved and savings missed. You will be given the opportunity to offset your CO2 emissions towards a project of your choice and hence minimise your impact on the environment.

In short, we offer the original 'one-stop shop' – we research the best fare, on your behalf, make your reservations and provide assistance in every aspect of your travel while you, our customer, reap the rewards in both time and money saved.

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